PRE Diversified Holdings, LLC

Acquisition solution for a client of a bank limited partner

Fotofab, LLC and Elcon Precision, LLC
In March 2011 Aldine made an investment in PRE Diversified Holdings (“PRE”). PRE is a holding Company for Fotofab, LLC and Elcon Precision. Fotofab manufactures precision metal parts utilizing photo-chemical machining. Elcon is a specialty precision manufacturer that performs photo-chemical machining, metallization and resistive coating of ceramics, and also provides brazed assembly services. The companies manufacture small parts for use in a wide variety of products ranging from telecommunications, manufacturing, durable and reusable medical products, and military applications.

Aldine’s success is built largely on its deep relationships with bank investors. When Fotofab, a client of an Aldine bank limited partner, needed non-bank capital to accomplish its purchase of Elcon, the bank turned to Aldine. Through the bank’s partnership with Aldine, it was able to facilitate this key acquisition and enhance its relationship with Fotofab.

Aldine provided a subordinated note with warrants to finance Fotolab’s purchase of Elcon.

PRE Diversified Holdings, LLC

“From due diligence of our transaction through closing to now, we have been consistently impressed with the team from Aldine Capital. Due diligence was sensible – Aldine understood our business, so they weren’t learning an industry on our time. Aldine presented us with a term sheet that was straightforward and accommodated our transaction’s wrinkles. Their participation post-closing has been especially beneficial. While never inflicting policy, Aldine has offered perspectives, ideas, and a similar ethical framework that has been beneficial to the business. We enjoy working with our team from Aldine and consider them trusted advisors and partners.”

Scott Bekemeyer
Chairman, PRE Diversified Holdings, LLC