Brunk Holdings, LLC is a full-service plastic pulverizing, logistics, and distribution operation predominantly serving the Midwest with locations in Indiana and Minnesota. Brunk offers a wide range of pulverizing, warehousing, and packaging services, while also providing hauling of plastic material through its trailer subsidiary AJP. The Company primarily sources the rotomold industry while currently expanding into the non-rotomold segment. Brunk’s customers include rotomold and non-rotomold manufacturers, as well as plastic suppliers, distributors, and processors. Aldine’s investment was made in conjunction with two private equity sponsors.

Aldine provided a subordinated note and equity investment.

In August 2015, Aldine partnered with a private equity firm to finance a recapitalization of Arch Global Precision (“Arch”), a current portfolio company of Aldine Capital Fund II, LP. The proceeds of this investment were used to help realize a portion of the existing shareholders’ ownership as well as finance the acquisition of three additional add-on investments. Aldine originally invested in Arch in December 2014.

Aldine provided a subordinated note and equity to facilitate the recapitalization.